High balance model with CA fiber

CA fibers using fiber derived from wood bring rotation amount and stability to hit ball, thick middle plate enables powerful drive. It is a recommended one for athletes who wish to transfer from a pure timber racket to a special material racket.

Product name TIMO BOLL CAF – CS
Grip CS
Price 2,800.-
Rebound characteristics 10.6
Vibration characteristic 10.4
Blade configuration 3 plywood + CA fiber
Blade size 161 × 150 mm (round shape)
Grip size
(length × thickness × end width)
82 × 23 × 32 mm
Country of origin Japan

※ Back side without cork, white wood
※ When sticking rubber only on one side of Chinese style pen, please use “semicircle racket · sheet” different color from the rubber to use on the back of the racket
※ Please use all rackets for large ball it now has
※ If you feel an abnormality, such as the skin during use, please discontinue use immediately