Developed for players who seeks more power

In order to create TENERGY 05 HARD, a harder Spring Sponge was added to TENERGY 05 to generate more power,
whilst maintaining its original exquisite spin performance.

The introduction of the plastic ball lies behind the development of this rubber. Many players started to feel they
cannot impart enough spin on the ball after the change from the celluloid ball. Therefore, “more spin performance”
is required; this is synonymous with the requirement of harder rubbers for top players.
Thus, TENERGY 05 HARD has been developed; the preferred combination for the top players,
the harder Spring Sponge and the top sheet of TENERGY 05.

Why “Hard” Spring Sponge?

Players who can move the arm fast and strongly can execute a powerful
stroke with more spin if they use the harder Spring Sponge.
The ball digs into the rubber at impact, thus generating more power.
The more the ball digs into the rubber, the more speed and spin can be
imparted; the result is a powerful stroke. Spring Sponge makes it easier
for the ball to dig into the rubber, providing the power to regain
the original shape is thus strong.

With the harder Spring Sponge, the power is even stronger. In general,
it is difficult to let the ball dig in to the harder sponge and produce the
performance required. Using Spring Sponge it is comparably easy,
even with the harder surface. For the players whose arm swing is fast
and powerful, Spring Sponge excels.

For Whom Is TENERGY 05 HARD Recommended?

Therefore, TENERGY 05 HARD is recommended for the player whose arm swing
is fast enough and technique has reached a certain level. This rubber is
recommended for the player who wants more spin than with current equipment
and wants to win with powerful play.

However, the harder the sponge, the heavier the racket becomes; it will also
become more difficult to control. If you feel it is difficult to play
with TENERGY 05 HARD, there are some rubbers with softer sponges, TENERGY 05
and TENERGY 05 FX, for example. Select the rubber according to your
playing style and your technique level. Please refer to the following chart for the selection.

Characteristics Comparison of Three TENERGY 05

05 HARD Sponge hardness [43]

05 Sponge hardness [36]

05 FX Sponge hardness [32]

  • This chart shows the observation and/or evaluation of the Butterfly Research and Development Team. Use it as a guide to select the right TENERGY.

  • The ease in each technique is nothing more than a guide, which will not guarantee the precise performance of each rubber.

  • There is no separate indication according to thickness.


Product name
Tennessee 05 hard
Part number
Open price
Release date
November 1, 2018
High tension back rubber
High tension, spring sponge

Sponge hardness


Sheet color

Red , black

Thickness of sponge


Country of origin


※ When put this product in the racket is  free  check II  Please use the
※ This product is made of a very delicate , the surface has become easy to very vulnerable .To protect the rubber , after use, please guard the surface always in the film for protection
if you feel an abnormality, such as the skin during
※ use , please discontinue use immediately

Main use of ‘ Tenergy 05 Hard  Player

September 21, 2018

Three Reasons Why TENERGY Is the World’s Top Rubber

Like a coil spring, the Spring Sponge absorbs the incoming energy of the ball and releases it as additional power
for the player’s own shot. Rubbers with Spring Sponge technology enable shots with high amounts of spin.

High Tension technology enhances the reaction of the playing surface by adding tension to the rubber molecule itself;
this is made possible by applying special substances to rubber materials.

The pimple shape is one of the technologies that is a character of each type of TENERGY. Gathering the best technologies, producing more than 100 kinds of pimple shape molds and investing vast amount of hours to evaluate each one of those pimple shapes; the result is the TENERGY series, the fruit of great effort, a policy followed with attention to detail and dedication.

Among all, the special is the pimple shape No.05; it was found that it exercises a very high performance once combined with Spring Sponge, although it had been thought to be inadequate for table tennis in the past. The feature is with its active spin performance, it is easy to produce topspin strokes with great rotation. It is the ideal pimple shape for the player who puts a strong emphasis of spin performance; the aim many players seek.