Top Message

Butterfly consists of a group of people who love table tennis, just like you.

The dedication shown by our predecessors, who were fascinated by table tennis from the very foundation, remains unchanged. Continually, we have made every effort to meet the ever demanding needs of the sport by providing the highest quality equipment.

Table tennis is a sport that witnesses fierce battles as well as great enjoyment. Needless to say, only a few can enjoy the glory of victory; many must suffer defeats and disappointments.

Nevertheless, table tennis provides the chance to dream. We strive to help table tennis players around the world dream, achieve their goals and enjoy the satisfaction of success.

Takako Osawa
President and Managing Director, Tamasu Co., ltd.

Concept of Foundation
To keep digging the small well, table tennis

This is the corporate theme of the Tamasu Co., Ltd. from foundation.

Our mission is to take a deep look at table tennis and develop better equipment for promotion and theadvancement of the sport. We will keep developing products to make table tennis more dynamic and appealing; we would like to help everybody who loves table tennis to enjoy a more prosperous life.

Now that more than half century has passed since foundation, we pause to consider the “concept of foundation”; we try our best for the sport of table tennis and for everyone who loves table tennis.

Hikosuke Tamasu
Founder, Tamasu Co., ltd. (Deceased)

Our Trademark Butterfly

Imagine that the player is the flower and we would like to be the butterflies flying around the flower providing the essentials for the table tennis world.

Butterflies help flowers bloom beautifully, flying from flowers to flowers in a natural habit.

The trademark “Butterfly” with the motif of a butterfly is the symbol of our principle. “Imagine that the player is the flower, we would like to be the butterflies flying around the flower providing the essentials in the table tennis world.”

We strive to be a group that keeps serving players just like butterflies service to flowers.