To whom it may concern,


Suspension of CustomMade Blades


This is to notify you that the production and distribution of custom-made blades will be suspended immediately as of today. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.


The reason for suspension is the continuous excessive demand of custom-made blades that largely surpasses our production capacity due to the rapid increase of order quantities. We have implemented several measures to meet your requests for a while, but to our great regret, we have concluded that it is impossible to continue providing the current service.


We suspect that the rapid increment of the order quantity is caused by such orders with the purpose of reselling overseas and we have been inundated with such requests for quite a while.


Our service is meant to produce “the only one blade in the world, the special and original blade only for you” and the craftspeople of the blade production have sincerely produced and provided custom-made blades. However, we have come across reselling domestically and outside Japan occasionally and the orders with the same specification have kept increasing recently which has made us unable to supply our service. Under these circumstances, with extreme regret, we have no other choice but to suspend our current service regarding custom-made blades at this time.


Your kind attention, understanding and cooperation will be very much appreciated.


Sincerely yours,


Tamasu Co., Ltd.