Feature of Materials for Blade

CNF Cellulose nanofiber

Extra fine fibers obtained by finely loosening plant fibers such as wood to Nano size (1 nm is 1 / 1,000,000 of 1 mm). Its feature is the lower vibration property which brings the feeling of holding the ball to the blade despite of the high bounce.

Super ZLC
Super ZL-Carbon has 1.8 times as much densely woven Carbon-Fiber and ZL-Fiber in mass, as the existing ZL-Carbon by using special technology high-reaction area has taken the blade to the next stage.

ZL Carbon
ZL-Carbon is a woven combination of Carbon fiber and ZL-Fiber : Carbon fiber has a high reaction level and ZL-Fiber provides strength, elasticity and lightness. ZL-Carbon, the super fiber, gives the blade a high level of performance

ZL Fiber ZL – Fiber has a detailed molecular configuration that is strong and elastic its ratio is 10 percent lower than Carbon fiber, thus making the blade both light and with a high performance level

Arylate – Carbon is a special material creates with a woven combination of Arylate and Carbon. Blades using Arylate – Carbon have power, speed and control.

Tamca 5000 Carbon (TAMCA – 5000) is strong and light: six times stronger and one fifth in weight compared with iron and steel. Blades using TAMCA-5000 are light and strong with high elasticity and enable high performance

CA fiber is a special material derived from wood. As it is very flexible, it helps to “hold” the ball which offers a higher level of control. Additionally, the tensile strength is high so there is also good speed.