If you are interested in table tennis, play it! I want to go as far as I want, but before that, I have items to align. Let’s list items that are indispensable for starting table tennis here.


Needless to say, table tennis does not start without a ball. The ball of table tennis is made of plastic and has a diameter of 40 mm and a weight of 2.7 g. Always be prepared to be able to practice at any time.


“Racket” in table tennis refers to a lamber of rubber woven into a racket of wood. There are rackets from the beginning to which rubber is attached as an entry primer, but if you start table tennis properly, you should purchase rackets and rubber separately and paste them together and use it.


Although there is no fixed clothing at practice, you need a special game shirt and pants to play. Game shirts and pants made pursuing ease of playing table tennis are excellent in functionality, and a lot of fashionable designs are line-up.


Table tennis is a sport that moves violently in front, back, left and right. Let’s wear special shoes to support hard movements. Dedicated shoes developed by researching the movements of table tennis will support hard movements. Also, special shoes are indispensable to prevent injuries.


Sox wants to prepare a sock for dedicated table tennis. The exclusive socks protect the feet from the intense movements of table tennis, and they are excellent in functionality such as sweating quickly and it assists hard practice and games comfortably.


The racket case that makes an important racket and the bag that puts luggage when you go to practice and games are items you would like to arrange by all means.