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High-Standard of Friction Rubbers

AIBISS is a friction rubber which balances the characteristics of a friction rubber and stable high quality. A specialised top sheet with a pimple shape which enables heavy spin has been combined with a hard sponge; a high reaction is realised, coexisting with friction, thanks to the applied production technology of Spring Sponge. AIBISS, generating the ball with heavy spin as well as a high arc, is recommended for the player who aims at making the best use of the characteristics of a friction rubber, using precise technique on the table and counter attacking play.

Product name AIBISS
price 1,400.-   1,000.-
Release date 25 June 2020
type High Friction Pimples-in Rubber
speed 10.5
spin 11
Sponge hardness 50
Seat color Red, Black
Sponge thickness 2.1, 1.9, 1.7
Country of origin Japan


※ Please use Free Chack II and Clip Sponge when applying this product onto the blade.

※ This product is very delicate, and its surface is easily scratched. To protect the rubber, be sure to protect the surface with a protective adhesive film after use.

※ The surface especially around the Butterfly logo may look dim when the protection film is removed, but please be assured that it does not affect the quality of the product.