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Tiago Apolonia’s Model



Apolonia player’s usage model

It is a model used by Apolonia player, the main axis of Portugal. The inner fiber racket brings a powerful drive like Apollonia players to a stable play.

Product name APOLONIA ZLC
Grip FL / ST/ AN
Price 7,600.-
Rebound characteristics 10.5
Vibration characteristic 9.5
Blade configuration 5 plywood ZL Carbon  Inner Fiber
Blade size 157 x 150 mm (regular)
Blade thickness 5.7 mm.
Average weight 91 g.
Grip Size FL: 100 x 24 x 34 mm
ST: 100 x 22 x 28 mm
AN: 100 x 24 x 34 mm.
Country of origin Japan

※ ZL carbon is a high strength fiber. Please finish with fine eyed sandpaper (number 240 or more) etc. as the fiber gets fuzzed when scraping grip and fingers hit parts
※ All rackets are large ball compatible