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Achieving both high adhesion and momentum at a high level

The synergistic effect of the unique combination of the sheet that demonstrates the characteristics of adhesive rubber while significantly increasing the high tension effect and the stiffer “Spring Sponge X” provides both high levels of adhesive strength and momentum. The rim shape of “Development Code No. 209” brings drive and cut with a large amount of rotation, bench technology and ease of counter. The “Dignics 09C”, which has improved adhesive high tension features, will take players who require a sticky feel to play even higher.

Product name Dignics 09C
price 2,500.-
Release date April 1, 2020
type Adhesive high tension back rubber
technology High tension, spring sponge X
speed 13
spin 13
Sponge hardness 44
Seat color Red, Black
Sponge thickness 1.9, 2.1
Country of origin Japan