* Franziska Innerforce ZLC

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Franziska Innerforce ZLC

Franziska’s model

Patrick Franziska, leading member of the German national team is using this particular blade. This is an Innerfiber blade combined with ZL Carbon fibers close to the core wood, utilizing the high reaction and the touch of long dwell time. It is recommended to players looking to enable powerful offensive play and passive control simultaneously. The special design with a shiny lens bearing his initials inside the plain colored handle, expresses the attempts to find light through the strict daily training routine.

price 8,400.-
Release date July 1, 2021
type Offensive shakehand
Rebound characteristics 10.5
Vibration characteristic 9.5
Blade configuration 5-ply wood + 2 ZL-Carbon [Innerfiber]
Blade size 157 x 150 mm (regular)
Blade thickness 5.7 mm
Grip size
(length × thickness × end width)
FL: 100 x 24 x 34 mm
ST: 100 x 23 x 28 mm
AN: 100 x 24 x 34 mm         
Average weight 88 g.
Country of origin Japan