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Use model of Lin Gaoyuan

A high-performance racket equipped with arylate carbon that has high resilience and stability.
It is recommended for players who want speedy and diverse backhand and stable front-end counter play, such as Lin Gaoyuan.

Product nameLIN GAOYUAN
Grip TypeFL / ST / AN
Rebound characteristics11.8
Vibration characteristic10.3
Blade configuration5 plywood + arylate carbon
Blade size157 x 150 mm
Blade thickness5.8 mm
Grip size
(length × thickness × end width)
FL: 100 x 25 x 34 mm
ST: 100 x 23 x 28 mm
AN: 100 x 24 x 32 mm
Average weight87 g.
Country of originJapan

※ All rackets are compatible with large ball
※ If you feel any abnormality on your skin etc. during use, please stop using immediately