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High performance rubber “Rozena” pursuing “tolerance”

“Rozena” using “spring sponge” that surprised the world. Its feature is the height of “tolerance” which combines a newly developed topsheet with “rope sponge” dyed in rose. Butterfly unique high tension technology demonstrates power, while compensating for subtle racket angle and swing direction error, create a sense of stability in play. When the performance of “Rozena” is drawn out from the former team by Nakazato’s play, its performance approaches the legendary rubber.

“Tolerance” means tolerance and tolerance in English. It expresses features that are easy to cover error of subtle racket angle and swing direction at hitting ball.

Product name Rozena
Price 1,200
Release date April 21, 2017
type Pimples-in rubber
technology High Tension Spring Sponge



speed 13
spin 10.8
Sponge hardness 35
Color Red, Black
Thickness of sponge 2.1, 1.9, 1.7
Country of origin Japan

※ When applying this product to the racket, please use “free chack ll”
※ This product is very delicate and the surface is very susceptible to scratching. To protect the rubber, please guard the surface with a protective film without fail after use