SPACE SAVER 22 (ITTF Approved)

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29,900.00฿ 25,900.00฿


Pingpong Table (Imported Item)
The Butterfly Space Saver system is the easiest and most convenient method for moving and storing a table. With this model this system is combined with a 22mm Perfect ยาง top with ready assembly which provides an excellent match quality model for use in sports centres, schools and clubs requiring a cost effective value purchase.

– Rail/Rim: 2″ x 3/4″ Steel Legs: 2″ Square Steel

– Wheels: 5″ Locking Rubber Wheels

– Weight: 215lbs

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Product name SPACE SAVER 22 (ITTF Approved)
price 29,900.-
Color BLUE
Thickness of Table 22 mm