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“Tenergy” which adds more power to rotation performance

“Tenergy 05 hard” adopted a stiffer sponge to add further power to “Tenergy 05” which is excellent in rotation performance. While maintaining the feeling of creating the hit ball you want, which is the characteristic of “Spring Sponge”, the hard sponge responds to the strong impact, enabling power up playing a notch.

Product nameTENERGY 05 HARD
Release dateSep 14, 2018
typePimples-in rubber
technologyHigh Tension
Spring Sponge (Hardness)


Sponge hardness43
ColorRed , Black
Thickness of sponge2.1, 1.9
Country of originJapan

※ When applying this product to the racket, please use “free chack ll”
※ This product is very delicate and the surface is very susceptible to scratching. To protect the rubber, please guard the surface with a protective film without fail after use
※ If you feel abnormal in the skin during use, please stop using it immediately

Athletes using this product