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Tenergy 19 Strong strokes by increased holding on the ball

Densely allocated pimples, code No.219, with the pursuit of speed and spin, realised a top sheet which does not easily yield to the opponent’s attack. Combining this newly developed top sheet with Spring Sponge, the increased sense of holding, a feature of the Tenergy series, is achieved; this is highlighted when the ball is hit strongly and precisely. Tenergy 19 gives a high performance not only for active strokes but also passive strokes against strong returns.

Product name TENERGY 19
Price 2,300.-
Release date March 1, 2021
type Pimples-in rubber
technology High Tension, Spring Sponge


speed 13.2
spin 11.7
Sponge hardness 36
Color Red , Black
Thickness of sponge 2.1, 1.9, 1.7    
Country of origin Japan

※ When applying this product to the racket, please use “free chack ll”
※ This product is very delicate and the surface is very susceptible to scratching. To protect the rubber, please guard the surface with a protective film without fail after use
※ If you feel abnormal in the skin during use, please stop using it immediately