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Introductory model suitable for learning basic skills

An introductory model that emphasizes ease of control of the ball and has a moderate momentum. It is recommended for athletes who want to learn the basic skills of table tennis from now on, such as learning the correct swing and cultivating the sense of turning.

Product name X STAR V
price 1,300.-
Grip Type FL
Rebound characteristics 10.0
Vibration characteristic 8.2
Blade configuration 5 plywood
Blade size 158 x 152  mm
Blade thickness 5.6mm
Grip size
(length × thickness × end width)
100 x 24 x 33mm
Average weight 81 g.
Country of origin China

※ All rackets are compatible with large ball
※ If you feel any abnormality on your skin etc. during use, please stop using immediately