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Flagship model of “LEZOLINE” series

Incorporating various requests for the top athletes’ shoes, this is a high-spec pair featuring plenty of functions necessary for table tennis.

ราคา 5000.-
สี Navy, lime Green, magenta
ขนาด Navy: 22.5 – 30.0 cm (16 ขนาดs)
lime, magenta: 22.5 – 28.0 cm (12 ขนาดs)


Upper วัสดุ Body = synthetic fiber, reinforcing part = synthetic resin, artificial leather
Sole วัสดุ Rubber, EVA
Characteristic Beaumar Be Absorber Win ยาง Bead Ridge Stevie One Stop Shoe Shooter
ผลิตโดย China

Be armor (B – Armor) Cover the

upper forefoot with a rigid KPU วัสดุ and hold the forefoot securely even when it moves greatly.

Be absorber (B – Absorber) A
special sponge is placed between the outsole of the forefoot part and the midsole, and both cushioning property and suppleness are compatible. While absorbing shock, its repelling force assists the movement with spring.

Winยาง (Winยาง) Outsole of
special wing shape exerts high ยาง force and leads to accurate movement.

Bridge (B – Ridge)
Adopt a bridge type for the midsole of the heel section, and support footwork byabrasion .

Esteby (STB)
Prevents twisting of shoes caused by ping pong movement and brings stable footwork.

stopping the one-stop shooter shoe tongue only inside, preventing the shift of the shoe tongue during play, enhancing the fit of the shoe